Give them the old Razzle Dazzle!

We were uncharacteristically early on Sunday for the Razzle Dazzle Travelling Vintage Fair.  We hadn’t been to Cedar Farm before so we didn’t know what to expect but given our navigational/motorway skills we allowed plenty of time to compensate for the circuitous routes our dotty satnav sometimes sends us on.  As it was, even though the venue was somewhat ‘out in the sticks’ we arrived without a hitch and ten minutes early with our fab friends Fiona of Rose & Lee Vintage Living and Kate of Groovy Gang Homemade Soap and Bath Treats hot on our heels.  When we were allocated spaces next to each other the day was set for one of girly giggles!

Although we were basically in a barn we were sheltered from the elements and it was a great space in which to accommodate the stalls.  Although a vintage fair we were impressed with the range of non-vintage sellers and there were some fabulous and very pretty stalls.

One of the prettiest, it has to be said, was Fiona and Kate’s joint display of all things chic, vintage, fragrant and fabulous

It wasn’t long before Fiona’s thoughts turned to shopping and first on the hit list was a lampshade a the stall opposite.  She swooped in like an Exocet Missile and was soon the proud owner of a brand new vintage……….hat?
If you want to get ahead….. get a hat!
It was great to see old friends too.  Nicola from Good Girl Designs who we met recently at Castlefield was there with her bags and other textile items

as was Pat from Wudstock who makes gorgeous creations and gifts, including wooden hearts which can be engraved, from reclaimed and heritage timber.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo but I’d definitely recommend a look at her site.  Apart from the lovely items ‘The Wudstock Story’ and accompanying pictures is an interesting read.  Also there was Rob from the glorious Shabby Cheek whose path we’ve crossed on many occasions over the last few months.  It’s hard to put into words the shabby cheekiness of the treasures he has to offer so it’s best to leave you to explore the eccentric, eclectic, exciting world that is!

It was lovely also to meet Sam of the fabulously christened Hoolala .  Again, this is most definitely a place in cyber space you will need to explore at your leisure and you’ll need plenty of time to take in the vintage inspired charms, necklaces, brooches and other, to quote Sam, “frippery” which will undoubtedly enthral and delight you!

We had a great day at Cedar Farm and it definitely made all the difference having Fiona and Kate there too.  I must admit I’m left a little apprehensive there’s mischief afoot between Fiona and Jacinta plotting a surprise for the rather too big to contemplate birthday I have coming up soon.  They did seem to go missing for longer than I feel comfortable with throughout the day no doubt whispering in hushed tones behind The Pig Barn!

Talking of pigs, the day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to see the animals.  Jacinta had returned on a number of occasions throughout the day after a rendezvous with a certain calf who seemed to have a penchant for her beloved Jack Wills scarf and a goat equally intent on munching his way through her hair!

It’s no good trying to look innocent now!



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