Vintage Va Va Voom!

Our collection ready to go to the showroom

Yesterday we visited the Rose and Lee Vintage Living’s event ‘Champagne and Sweets’ Vintage Soiree  This was our third visit to Fiona’s showroom so this time we managed to get ourselves from Altrincham to Walker Street without a hitch!  Little bit of a problem on the way home when for a very short period of time we found ourselves on the way to Leeds, but we won’t mention that!  I can hear you laughing Fiona!!! We were really excited about the event, firstly because Fiona’s done an amazing job with the showroom and her events are always well organised and fabulous and secondly because it was the first time a collection of our pieces would be on show there.
The day included the champagne, sweets and cupcake reception and a vintage make-over and photoshoot and when we got there it was already in full swing.  The showroom had been transformed into a glamorous photo studio and it was like stepping into a film set from a bygone era.

Kate Peterson was there from Groovy Gang Handmade Soap and Bath Treats looking very glamorous herself in fur.  A collection of her hand made soaps are also displayed in the showroom and looked as pretty as ever adorning the various dressers and chests of drawers they decorated.

Some of Kate’s Groovy Gang products on the

Kate took us into the dressing room to see the hair and make-up artist from Pinup Vintage Makeovers at work creating the fabulous vintage looks. It was fascinating to watch her at work and amazing to see the finished styles, I don’t know how she does it!

It was lovely to see Brooke again of Brooke’s Cupcakes and Vibrant Vintage by Victoria Claire both of whom we’d met before briefly at another of Fiona’s events.  It was really good to chat to both of them and we came away with some great ideas to work on for the future!  We look forward to seeing both of them again soon.


The photographer Sean Carnall seemed to put all the models at their ease and I’m looking forward to seeing his shots.  He was very generous too letting us amateurs cash in on his eye for composition and nip in and take a few snaps of our own.





We were very pleased that one of the models wore our Marilyn brooch with one of her outfits – thank you Kate for the idea!

Fiona joined in the fun with a makeover and photoshoot too looking very glam in both outfits she modelled.


We had a lovely day and all Fiona’s hard work and preparations truly paid off as everyone who participated and visited seemed to have a great time.  The champagne was flowing, there were delicious cakes, good company and conversation and plenty to see with the showroom pieces and the fabulous photoshoot.  What more could you ask for!

Of course it took 3 attempts before I took a
photo these two lovely awkward ladies were
happy but I ignored the insults and persevered!


On a personal note, we were really encouraged by the reception our jewellery received and thank you to those who bought pieces.  We’ll be busy making more now to replenish stocks!

Finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to Fiona!  Hope you get a little bit of R&R before you’re off to Italy, weather permitting, as you truly deserve it!!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Va Va Voom!

  1. OH WOW! What a great read! It was an honour to be part of it. Thank you so much for your lovely comments about the makeovers. It certainly was a day to remember :)

  2. Thank you for your comment Alison! It was a fantastic day and we were most definitely in awe of your skill! The models looked fabulous!

  3. Hi girls fantastic blog as always. Thank you for the lovely comments and photos. It was a great day. your new pieces are so Va Va Voom.
    See you both soon

  4. Thank you Kate for your lovely comments! I think the whole event was most definitely Va Va Voom!! See you soon xx

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