Re-stringing Service

Caring for your elastic

Please do not immerse your stretch bracelets in water, either when washing or swimming and avoid spraying chemicals such as hairspray in close proximity to your jewellery.  The jewellers’ elastic we use is very strong but repeated contact with water or chemicals could potentially degrade it or erode the seal used around the knot.  Please avoid undue stress or sharp objects – we are purposely harsh with the elastic on the workbench to test it and the knot but even the strongest elastic has a breaking point.  We ask you to be gentle when putting on and removing your bracelets and avoid stretching it to its limit unnecessarily.  Be kind to your bracelet and it will become a treasured piece of jewellery and give you years of enjoyment!


All our bracelets are strung using professional grade jewellers’ elastic. Sometimes, however, over time and depending on wear the elastic in your bracelet may become a little looser than it was when you bought it.

We offer a re-string service which we recommend you make use of if your bracelet appears to be loosening to restore the original fit of the bracelet and minimise the, unlikely, risk of breakage.

We make a small charge of £5 per bracelet for this service with a postal charge of £2.50. We recommend you use a recorded delivery service when returning your bracelet to us, with a covering letter, to 26 Pennymoor Drive, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4UT. Please add the re-stringing service to the basket here and proceed through the checkout process prior to returning your bracelet.


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